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Intensive Research Week

MA-CUP-03 / MA-CUP-07 / MA-CUP-08 / MA-CUP-09

During the IRW we will use all the venues available at the Performing Arts Forum (PAF) in St Erme in order to initiate various practices, procedures, protocols, and methodologies that are meant to support the upcoming CuP Pieces 2013. Properly speaking, this occasion will be the exact opposite of what some consider a >Project Dramaturgy< nowadays: Whilst the latter usually seeks means for already given ends, what we are proposing is rather an open framework related only to the student´s desire to creatively bring forth and go through problems they have to pose themselves by inventing their own solutions within always singular approaches to choreography and performance.
IRW is offered with the purpose to provoke group-based modes of working, transversal exchanges, and multi-layered feedbacks between all the participants.