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BA 05
MA 04, MA 01
CuP 01, CuP 02, CuP 07, CuP 08, CuP 09

In the seminar, we will discuss different philosophical and cultural reflections on the notion of movement. Movement is a natural and physical phenomenon, which at the same time has already been by Pre-Socratic philosophers discussed as one of the pivotal philosophical categories. For long centuries the study of movement belonged to physics inside the metaphysics, where movement was organized as something measurable and related to the harmony of the metaphysical system (for example celestial spheres or celestial bodies, mathematical categories...).
In the seminar, we will be focus mostly on the philosophical approaches which critically addressed metaphysical conceptualization to movement and opened up the relationship between movement and affect (Spinoza), movement and change (Deleuze, Massumi) and movement and perception (Merleau-Ponty, Crary). These philosophical approaches will be connected with several cultural concepts of body movement (body as a machine, human motor, body as a composite of forces, body as a network, etc.), which can also help us to understand the exposed notion of the movement in modernity and with it also the changes in the contemporary choreographic and performance developments. We will also study the linkage between movement and ideology, especially the ways in which how movement is related to the force of political mobilization. At the same time we will examine the relationship between movement and contemporary choreography, especially the autonomous status of intangible and precarious movements of the body, things and elements.