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On Event

BA 05
MA 01,04
CuP 01,02,07,08,09

Start: 14. 10. from 12 – 14, after that every 14 days from 12.00 – 16.00

In the last decades event became crucial concept discussed in philosophy, performance and visual art. In the seminar we will examine several philosophical approaches to the event (Badiou, Žižek, Deleuze, Massumi) and relate them to the artistic events which in the history of art appeared with many different names: happenings, ambients, situation etc.

One of the crucial characteristics of the event is its connection to change and proposal of transformation, the possibility which event creates. We will examine how can we think about the temporal and spatial dimensions of performance in the relation to the event and examine the semblance and difference of performance in the relation to this intriguing philosophical concept.