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technical tutorium in english

The "CUP tutorium" runs parallely to the german "Techniktutorium" whereas it adresses everybody new in the institute who prefers to have an introduction to the facilities and techniques in english language. The course is mandatory for everybody who wants to work on the stages and in the studios.

Also people from the recent semesters are welcome to refresh their knowledge!
Please send us an email if you want to join for specific sessions:
Caroline: ccreutzburg@gmx.de
Matthias: matthias.schoenijahn@gmail.com

the course is hold wednesdays from 4-8pm.

14.10.15 general introduction (Caroline)
21.10.15 sound studio (Caroline)
28.10.15 sound on stage / Probebühne 1 (Caroline)
04.11.15 - no session -
11.11.15 video studio (Caroline)
18.11.15 video on stage / Probebühne 2 (Matthias)
25.11.15 light / Probebühne 1 (Matthias)
02.12.15 questions&answers (Matthias)