Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

Choreography and Object

ATW BA 04/05/06/11

ATW MA 01/03/04

CUP 02/08/09

In the last 20 years one has been able to observe an increased involvement of objects in contemporary performances and choreographies in which things are no longer used as props but are rather understood as actants that are investigated between the poles of causality and contingency. In some cases they even perform in the absence of human performers. The renewed interest in things (daily objects, waste, machines) reverberates in the emerging philosophical movements of object-oriented philosophy and in new materialism. The notion of choreography has once again been expanded since the last millennium and is no longer restricted to the movements of human bodies. This seminar focusses on choreographic critiques of objects, the relation of subjects and objects on stage and the role that things play in contemporary performances. The course provides an insight into basic concepts of actor-network-theory, diverse performance theories and texts of object-oriented philosophers and new materialists. The concepts that are proposed in these texts are discussed in regard to concrete artistic works (of e.g. Robert Morris, Stuart Sherman, Jérome Bel, Clément Layes, Jefta Van Dinther, Kate McIntosh, Eva Meyer-Keller, David Weber-Krebs, Unknown Fields Division).
(The seminar will be in English.)