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The Making of The Making of Americans

BA 04/05/06/09/10

MA 01/02/03/04/05

CUP 02/03/05

Gertrude Stein’s novel ‚The Making of Americans: Being a History of a Family's Progress’, first published in 1925, belongs to the great experimental novels of the 20th century, though not many readers might have read the 925 pages from the beginning to the end. The novel tries periodically („As I was saying...“) to trace a portrait of the history and development of two fictional families, but constantly digresses into self-referential reflections of writing or general observations of mankind, or - with its limited vocabulary and repetitive rhythms - into a meditative music of words like an endless stream of consciousness. The scenic project is a research on this novel - not only to understand Americans (specially nowadays...) but also on how Gertrude Stein’s literary strategies can be an intriguing inspiration for own artistic projects on stage, for sound works, films or installations. A final presentation is planned for thursday, July 20th.