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Dance and Poetry

BA 03/04/05/09/10/11/12

MA 01/03/04/05

CUP 07/09

The relationship between poetry and dance has a long history and became especially visible at the beginnings of modern dance, when many poets were among the most insightful thinkers on dance, writing upon the autonomous bodies of dance and their capacity to produce form (Valery, Mallarme, Eliot). This relationship is not only interesting because of similarity of practices (continuity, rhythm, abstraction) which rather too often produces superficial mostly metaphorical comparisons, but because of the similar inclinations of both practices towards experimentation with poetic forms and matter. We will focus in the seminar especially on the notion of poetic experimentation and its proximity to dance, on the correspondences between dance and experimental poetry (Olson, Jackson Mac Low), on the notion of poetics (Louppe, Meschonnic) and discuss some current performances, which are exploring the relationship between dance and poetic language. At the same time we will try to think about dance experiments in the connection to the performative and choreographic dimension of poetry and reading (Robertson, Carlson) and examine affections and productive crossroads between two practices.

For the first introductory meeting on 18. 4. please read (text is available in STUD-IP):

Laurence Louppe: Poetics of Contemporary Dance, PDF