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Proposals for the Imaginary Institutions? Speculative seminar.

MA 01/03/04/05

CUP 07/09

What could be an imaginary art institution of the future? How is it possible to imagine institutions in the field of theater and performance, where we are confronted with the specific institutional demands, different from visual art (with the rich history of institutional critique). We will deal with those questions through several speculative excercises and open performance art institutions to the more imaginative and fictional registers. The imaginative excercise answers on the strong crisis of the institutions, not only in politics but also generally in arts. This is the result of the several factors, like the neoliberal hatred of institutions combined with the demand for the conservative and populist cultural revolution in the last decade, but also the result of the failure of the leftist institutions to which a lot of art institutions belong, where institutional critique turned very often into the institution of the critique. So how then, it is possible, in the current situation, to open the way which would imagine forms of organisation, processes of institutionalisation different from the ones that we already know? And how can we connect this practice of possible institutionalisation of artistic practice to the political, social and ethical questions of our time; how to re-politicise the institute? Beside the analysing the institutional situation of the present, the work will be focused to the development of several proposals and an imaginative display, which we will try to reach at the end of the seminar. In this sense the reading of the texts will be combined with speculative rehearsals and translations into different as-if proposals and displays of imagination.

For the Introduction on 20.4. please read the following text (link available in STUD-IP):

Bojana Kunst: Institution Between Precarisation and Participation, PDF

ATW MA 01/03/04/05
CuP 01, CuP 02, CuP 07, CuP 09

Introduction: 20. 4.