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Methods of Composition II

In English! Only for CUP students.

Collaborative making as a practice of shared responsibility. Is it possible? And how? How to make decisions? How to find a consensus with people that are so different? How to avoid endless discussions that only lead to frustration? How to turn differences and disagreements into a creative potential? And how to develop a performance without a clear distribution of roles?

On the basis of the methododolgies that were tested in the last semester, small groups will decide for one method of composition. The focus is on how the chosen method can be adapted, appropriated or transformed in regard to the research interest of the group. As techniques for invention cannot be captured, we have to craft them anew for each endeavour.

In this practical course everyone is involved in an intense collaborative research- and creationprocess the aim of which is the development of a compositional practice and eventually a performance (fragment). What are the parameters and rules of a practice that could lead to the emergence of the unknown? How to create the conditions from and within which one cannot know, or better one can „unknow“? Composing in collaboration de-subjectivises the artistic process. Here it will be premised on the commitment of the group to a certain method of composition. We will explore the act of choreographing not as a practice of directing and controlling movements, others or situations but as a practice connected with letting go of control. It will just as much be about choreographing oneself as it will be about letting oneself be choreographed by everyone and everything else in the space.
Will the experiments of the groups be able to destabilize regimes of identity, production and representation?

In regular round-tables the groups will come together to share their research questions and experiences, the devised compositional practice and the developed material. The task of the other groups will not be to analyse or criticize what has been presented but to discern and articulate what it is that is working, that makes one curious and that should be carried further. Thereby we want to create a collaborative atmosphere in which everyone is involved in everyone´s project and takes responsibility for its growth.

Besides this course it is possible to arrange individual feedback or mentoring