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Donna Haraway. Hybrid bodies and significant otherness

BA 04/11
MA 01/04/05
CuP 02/07/08/09

Language: in English!

Initially educated in the natural sciences Donna Haraway is an unconventional and cross-disciplinary thinker who dedicated her life to investigating processes of co-evolution of human beings, animals and technology. Ever since the publication of the essay „A Cyborg Manifesto“ has made her one of the most prominent figures in feminist theory in 1984, Haraway is writing about the correlation of self-construction and embodiment in their connection with what she calls „naturecultures“.
Haraway´s insistence on the dissolution of clear boundaries between organism and machine as well as between human and animal but also between theory and fiction led to a conception of the (human) body in constant co-becoming with bodies of significant otherness.
Haraway has published extensively about cyberfeminism, Animal Studies, Science and Technology Studies and trans-species relationships. Her concept of situated knowledge, the reinvention of nature and her writings about the biopolitics of postmodern bodies had a huge impact on feminist and cultural studies. Lately she is increasingly connecting art, science and activism. Artforum even declared her to be one of the three most influential artists in 2017.
In this seminar we will discuss key texts of Donna Haraway as well as artistic works that are influenced by her writings. The focus will be on cyberfeminism, Haraway´s body image and her recent problematization of the notion of the anthropocene.