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Project Dramaturgy: Rough Proposals

CuP 03

This course is dedicated to artistic, conceptual and dramaturgical questions that will arise in the course of the development of artistic works for the festival „Rough Proposals“. For this reason the course is limited to students of the MA-programme Choreography and Performance who participate in the festival Rough Proposals in Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in June 2019 (and to students who are involved in performances that are developed for this festival).
It is a combination of individual mentoring and collective workshops that will also offer the possibility for try-outs in the co-presence of a bigger group and enable various forms of feedback. Primarily the course is dedicated to the profound discussion of ideas, concepts, material and sketches – in short, artistic works slowly taking shape. The focus is on choreography as embodied thinking and critical as well as collaborative practice. How to repopulate the terrain of imagination so vastly devastated by the neoliberal ideology of „no alternative“? The key concept that will anchor the discussion in this course is (a contemporary reinterpration of): poetics. „How does a work - work?“ (Sergej Pristaš)
What are you concerned with? What kind of material do you work with? What is the relation between the concept, the process and the moment of sharing? And how is the work entangled with the context in which you work? What is made visible/public and what not? Which kind of situation do you establish/construct and what form of participation/reception do you thereby propose?
In the beginning of the semester every student is outlining a certain research field. The artistic research will eventually lead to the formulation of a concept for a specific artistic work that will be developed autonomously whereby the process will be opened up regularly in the frame of this course. Eventually the performances/installations/interventions will be presented in Künstlerhaus Mousonturm in the frame of the festival “Rough Proposals”.