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Rhythm in Contemporary Choreography

BA 3/4/5/9/10/11/12
MA 1/3/4/5
CUP 1/2/5/9

Start: Monday, 15th of April from 10.00 – 14.00
Next dates: 6th of May, 20th of May, 3rd of June, 24th of June, 1st of July, 8th of July, 15th of July

Rhythm is an enigmatic notion. It seems that everything possesses a rhythm, but with that, nothing is said about rhythm itself. At the same time, the more we attribute to rhythm, the more vague our understanding of it can become. It is a notion that can be endlessly expanded; however, that does not save it from its emptiness of meaning. Thinking about rhythm means entering an unstable field, where there always exists the danger of generalising and making assumptions about rhythm based on the fact that “everything moves”. This is further accentuated by the fact that rhythm is felt, it can physically transform how our bodies move, we actually all somehow experience rhythm. But this experience of rhythm even more strongly exposes the problematic generality of rhythm and the liminality of the statement that “everything that is, is rhythm.“ What does it actually mean to have rhythm? Can we actually have rhythm or does rhythm have us? Or is rhythm something which can never be had, but also something that does not have somebody, but rather a specific mode of generation, production and individuation? In the seminar we will examine the role of rhythm in the contemporary choreography. Even if it seems that the body of contemporary dancer / performer resists the obedience and is liberated from the unison rhythmic patterns, rhythm is still a very powerful concept with which we can examine the polyphonic role of the body in performance and contemporary choreographic structures.