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BA 06/09/10/11

MA 02/04/05

CuP 03/04

This seminar is imagined as a continuation of “Working Conditions: an Experiment” which took place during the winter Semester 18/19. (see introduction @ https://www.inst.unigiessen.de/theater/de/studium/vv/843). It may also be attended by students who did not enroll in it last year.

Our main concern is to continue to “experiment with our working conditions and explore how they make us work, what they make us do and what we can make them do together”.
Last year seminar has developed into an exploration of “we/us” as a condition of our work with attempts to transform that into performances. We plan to share some of it during a presentation (to be confirmed: Wednesday 23rd October @ 6 pm, at the GBS), and we will further use and extend this knowledge in our exploration.

This semester we will be able to work with the “New building” of ATW. Therefore the seminar will focus on its working conditions and what they provide and/or limit as place, time and space. Our aim is to meet, discover, understand, take care, dialogue, learn and think together this “New building”, its stories, its uses and possibilities.

How will this “New Building” become part of our working conditions? What does it do to us? What can we do with it? How will these new conditions perform with us, make us perform? How can we transform these spaces in fictions? How do we embody these spaces? Do they embody us? How will we perform with this building, and make it perform? How do we imagine these spaces in the futures: the coming weeks, during its public opening and how about the next years? Our experiments will be guided by these questions with the aim to make something together to be presented to a public.

The evaluation will be based on how each one participates in the process of experimenting, performing and observing the work of oneself and of the others.

The course will not take place November 21st and December 12th.