Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

Ecology of Techniques II: Formats

CUP 02/05/07-09

MA 01/04

BA 04/05

This seminar follows the research-workshop “Ecology of Techniques” (February 2019) deepening the proposed questions on two level: During the first weekend we will deal with the theoretical framework of the questions/concepts mentioned below. We will read texts by Mauss, Foucault, Parisi and others. For the second weekend we will attend a workshop with external guest discussing the aspect of artistic/performative formats in relation to these theories. Which formats are appropriate/interesting for the work with ecologies of techniques in a performance-based context?

The seminar is open to everyone interested, the attendance of the research-workshop in February is not obligatory.

Techniques is what we live by. We learn how to walk, to sit, to swim, to concentrate, and to perform. Without techniques, it would be impossible for us to act, to live, and to exist. Even though most of these techniques are backgrounded and we don’t think about them in everyday live they are habitually at work in every movement. Dance, on the other side, is a field in which techniques of moving, acting, and creating are foregrounded. Here, techniques are actively and consciously learned and experimented with. They are part of the training (in schools, in workshops) as well as of production processes.

Even though everyday movements play a major role in the choreographic work over the last decades, they are often addressed as “natural” actions, only made “artificial” by the techniques of dance. In the workshop we want to follow a different path and investigate how the everyday life is as much produced by techniques as is the field of dance. By this, the engagement with the “outside” of dance becomes a turn towards other techniques: How do these techniques intermingle and what is happening in the event of their interference? Instead of using techniques to master a the movements of the everyday we want to investigate them as tools of creative reproduction.

In the workshop, I would like to collectively investigate and experiment with this ecology of techniques. How do every day and artistic techniques relate with each other? What backgrounded techniques are at work we normally do not classify as such? How can we use the interference of techniques to un-learn habits and create different ways of moving and living? How can we open up the habitual repetitions of everyday life and insert a moment of speculation back into the operations of our techniques by bringing different types of techniques together?