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Planning an opening. Preparatory seminar for an international scholarly convention

BA 04, 07, 09-11 MA 01, 03, 04 CUP 07, 09

In the spring of 2020, the newly built rehearsal stage will be inaugurated: The weekend from Friday, April 17, until Sunday, April 19, will be dedicated to official speeches, artistic showings, and festivities. In order to also already implement the theoretical approach to theater, dance, and performance into this opening event, this seminar strives for a collective thinking and planning of an appropriate scholarly convention: “Planning an opening” will therefore (re-)discuss how it is possible to open up theory towards performativity, and to open up architecture for a diversity of events.

The seminar will include reading of theory and organizational reflections, but first and foremost it will also be a discussion with ATW’s international partner institutions and the scholars working there. The aim is to develop, together with them, a new form of symposium, or conference. During the time of the semester, the topics, formats, and invitees will still be up for debate.

The seminar will be held in English and it will imply co-organizing the event. Every student taking part in the seminar will be expected to engage with an international scholar and prepare a small presentation in class (which will count as a Referat then), and a Hausarbeit can be worked out as an essay within the preparation of the convention in April.

The first session of the seminar “Planning an opening” will be held on Monday, October 21, at 2.00 pm.