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Light on the (new) stage

BA 02/03/06/07/09/10/11
MA 02/04
CuP 03/07/08/09

It took a few years, but now it is (almost) there. In this course we want to explore the lighting possibilities that the new stage offers us.
What's up with tension grid, fly bars, moving lights and LEDs and the new light computer, and how can this equipment be used and abused.
In a second step we will approach light on stage from a more conceptual perspective.
For this we will develop our own small light dramaturgies or installations in small group which we will then show to each other and discuss.
The course assumes that you have hung a light fixture before and the process of programming a simple light cue isn’t new to you.
You are very welcome to bring your own projects, ideas and questions into the course.
In order to clarify the exact procedure and the participation, there will be a obligatory preliminary discussion on January 17th at 2:00 pm in the „Sozialraum“ at Gutenbergstraße.
On that date we will also figure out, if the course will be held in German, English or bilingual.
Number of participants: 15-20