Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

Performance Philosophy: The Young An international postgraduate conference, University of Groningen, 7-8 February 2014

Line of Speakers and Abstracts
Name Title University
1 Janina Arendt Emancipation and Subjection of the Virtual Self – The Fetish of Vitality University of Antwerp
2 Dieter Brusselaers The Spectacles and the Automaton, or Optics and Mechanics in a Nineteenth-Century Opera: Media-Archaeological Allegory in Offenbach’s ‘Les contes d’Hoffmann’ University of Antwerp
3 Kyle Bukhar Considerations and Uses of Non-Meaning in Dance University of Roehampton
4 Anna Buskens The presence of an artist University of Groningen
5 Silvia Cazacu A Cognitive Approach on Spectators University of Utrecht
6 Elvira Crois Sensitive Theatre: About Perception, Interaction and the Senses University of Antwerp
7 Floor de Meyer The Intrinsic Intermediality of Film: Fried versus Pasolini University of Antwerp
8 Corbinian Deller, Janna Athena Pinsker, Clara Reiner, Arthur Romanowski, Hanna Franziska Steinmair Choreographing Thinking Justus Liebig University Giessen
9 Georg Döcker Force – Ideal – Death: On Diderot’s Paradox and the Production of the Aesthetic Subject in Theatre Justus Liebig University Giessen
10 Angele Donskoi No Image Without Language University of Antwerp
11 Romana Fennema Fabre: Theatrical or Not? University of Groningen
12 Catalina Insignares and Else Tunemyr Catalogue Streaming or Stream the Dance Out of You or Let’s Stream Together or Catalina’s Catastrophic Catalogue or What Else. Justus Liebig University Giessen
13 Jasper Joris The Camera-Metaphor University of Antwerp
14 Hamish MacPherson Between Intuition and Analysis University of Roehampton
15 Erica Moshman he Face and Embodying Dance: Examining the Roles of Facial Expression in Dance Practices and Performance University of Roehampton
16 Julia Ostwald Appropriation as an Approach to Intertwine Theory and Practise in the Production of Dance University of Antwerp
17 Janna Athena Pinsker and Maria Tsitroudi A Fragmentation in Relation to Artistic Practise Justus Liebig University Giessen
18 Charlotte Poos Contains Art: Unpacking the Politics of Theatre Through the Aesthetics of the Container University of Utrecht
19 Ryan Rockmore Subverting the Masculine Aesthetic: Male Flamenco Dancers and the Embodiment of the Feminine Style University of Roehampton
20 Emma-Louise Roessling Thanks for Sharing – A Performative Exploration of the Gap Between Spectator and Sponsor Justus Liebig University Giessen
21 Daphne Smets Sophie Calle: an Artist in Search of a Narrator University of Groningen
22 Michael Stephens Applauding Audiences: Criticisms of Codified Conventions University of Roehampton
23 Ursina Tossi We’ve Got to Get in ... to Get Out Artez institute of Arts
24 Leen van der Meiden Invisible Theatre and Objecthood University of Groningen
25 Thom van Duuren and Bram van Leuveren From divination to theory of mind: second person interaction in “Both sitting duets” (2002)