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Jan. 13 >> its this Now?

We would like to invite you to our project Jan. 13 >> its this Now? which will take place jan. 22th-23th at the Pannier Market in Plymouth in conjunction with the symposium the Pigs of Today are the Hams of Tomorrow.

durational, site-specific performance

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Alex Felicitas and Lina Martha H. are two interdisciplinary, performative artists currently on Erasmus study at the Dartington College of Art. From Canada and Germany, respectively, the two artists use the UK as a converging point between their practices, as an exploration into new communities and potential for performative works. Sharing a mutual interest in their position as "outsiders" Dec.10 >> Its this now is a response to the challenge of relevance, contribution, and documentation of a space and history which is so distant from their own.

Dec. 10.>> Its this now poses as a temporary archive centre, whose drawers and folders begin blank. Unwritten. The two artists have taken on the role of Archivists who operate as mercantile medians between the moving and fluid world, and a past-world: a history only evident through snapshots of text, image, material. Patrons, fellow merchants, passersby etc are invited to partake in the project at the cost of a simple trade: a tangible place in this historical snapshot in exchange for their own personal contribution to the archive itself. This may take the form of a photograph, audio recording, interview, drawing and so on.