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Eine Lesung über Boris Vian in situativ sehr gelungener Atmosphäre.

The whole evening ist a disturbing signal, with really sensational effects, stirring up facts we don´t want to know about ourselves. We cast a spell over you and take you with us to the most interesting journey ever: Come and meet Boris Vian, one of the most touching and extraordinary french writer, who´s texts fill up your mind with a tremendous amount of senses of pleasure.Boris Vian came in many forms… Jazzologist, Engineer, Hard Boiled Translator, Soft Boiled Surrealist, Linguist, Singer, Trumpeter, Prisoner, Columnist, Novelist, Artist ... He lived fast and left a beautiful corpse d'esprit.Boris Vian celebrated his extraordinary imagination and astonishing facility with language with a disorganised career of writing, playing music, fixing old cars, throwing and attending parties and attacking any form of pretention or bureacracy.
Help yourself! Read Boris Vian! You´re welcome! Vive la pataphysique!