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Three Biographies which are not mine

A Jewish miracle-worker, a Lebanese resistance fighter and an anarchist
punk-band try to change a light bulb. No, no. They try to change the world.
A story which ends: ...and it started raining on the weary land. A
biography which starts: I was born in Beirut. A song that goes: I get
knocked down, but I get up again. A performance that summons three spirits
of deed: Honi the Circle-drawer, Souha Bechara and Chumbawamba. I call for
them. Who am 'I'? Your medium, a story-teller, a witness, a vessel, a
translator, a quote, a representation in a lecture-ritual for
hyper-identification, getting too close to the object(s) of study.

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By Li Lorian together with Anneliese Ostertag, Nora Schneider and Max
Smirzitz; a cooperation with Künstlerhaus Mousonturm, the MA Choreography
and Performance within the frame of Hessian Theatre Academy (HTA)
A special thank you to all of those who joined open rehearsals, offered
their mind and heart, gave advise online or in flesh, and knowingly or
unknowingly were part of the process and research.

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