Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

07.-10. November 2019


Under the title never again. art/talks/theory, this year’s edition of the DISKURS-Festival will take place in Gießen from the 7th to the 10th of November. The international festival has been organised for the last 34 years on a voluntary basis by students of the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies, and is independently operated by the Kunstrasen giessen e.V. In addition to theatre productions and performative works, the festival includes installations, films, lectures and talks, offering artists, scientists, theoreticians and audiences the opportunity to engage in lively debates within various discussion formats. The focus is on experimental works that give new impulses to artistic research, both on an aesthetic and on a contentual level.

never again ...

... can be understood as a claim, a slogan, an oxymoron, an imperative or social agreement. The title connects two mutually exclusive temporalities: the conclusion, the negation and the prohibition resonating in never, and the repetition and incompleteness contained in again. We use this dynamic as a starting point to examine the manifold implications of never again within contemporary artistic and academic production. What could never again look like as an artistic and scientific working method? What responsibilities do we have, and what attitudes, positions and motivations do these entail for one's own scientific, theoretical and artistic practices? We consider never again to be the starting point for a critical-utopian questioning of the present, a playful appropriation of complex realities, a polemic stubbornness in the face of a maddening everyday.

All further informations, timetables, tickets, program you can find here: www.diskursfestival.de

Opening will happen on the 7th November at 4pm in Georg Büchner Saal, Bismarckstr. 37