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TRANSIT MONUMENTAL - Droga Niepodległości - Kongress

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TRANSIT MONUMENTAL stages an objet trouvé 10 meters in length and 500 kilos in weight as a monument in order to get in touch with presentations and utopias of a European nation. Inspired by the ancient tradition of states presents and with the self-imposed mission of offering this monument to different representative persons and groups in Poland, the Giessen-group K.A.U. and polish director Małgorzata Wdowik travel with it through different regions from Munich to Warsaw. Free and independent, from pubs to sports fields along the way, staged festivities and ceremonies will be celebrated, filmed and sent back to SPIELART as Road-Movie-messages. In Munich the ones who stayed at home can witness the current events. Arrived in Warsaw, TRANSIT MONUMENTAL stages a „territorial congress“ around the controversial Marsz Niepodległości on the polish independence day against the backdrop of the monument. In the theatre Komuna // Warszawa, representatives of the different political camps should decide, who should own this march as a symbol for polish national consciousness.