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Die Irrfahrten des Odysseus

Homer’s “Odyssey” is one of the great seminal works of literature dealing with human individuality. The story centres not on gods or mythical creatures but on a single man with the inner conflict that is part of the human condition. Odysseus is a hero and villain, a family man and power politician, incorrigibly inquisitive and inventive, simultaneously a plaything of the gods and a rebel against them. THE WANDERINGS OF ODYSSEUS is now brought to the stage by Harriet Maria Meining and Peter Meining. The pair have spent years working under the label norton.commander.productions and as well as pursuing theatre projects have given performances and created short films, experimental films, video installations and radio plays. They are known for their sophisticated use of video and film and their blending of fiction and reality. They staged “Peter and the Wolf” and “Robinson Crusoe” for the Theater an der Parkaue, which is co-producing THE WANDERINGS OF ODYSSEUS with the Deutsche Oper Berlin.

This piece from 2015 was Harriet Maria Meining’s and Peter Meining’s first collaboration with the composer Ole Hübner. Born in 1993, Hübner has made a name for himself writing stand-alone, often multi-media pieces of music that reconcile topicality, conceptual rigidity and imaginative tonality.
A Production of Deutsche Oper Berlin and Theater an der Parkaue.
Kindly supported by Aventis Foundation.