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Sana'a - City of Light

Approaching the Old City of Sanaa, the festively lit Bab-al-Yemen reveals to the visitor the beauty of Sana´a and Yemen. Looking through the gate, right in its vanishing point, the visitor discovers a cube that stands for the city`s traditional architectural shape and interacts with its environment. The visitor is invited to take part in the spiritual life of Yemen during Ramadan, and to immerse into the atmosphere of the Old City during that special time of year. Here, in the interior Bab-al-Yemen square everyone is invited to go on a discovery:
Discreet video projections on the interior walls of the Bab-al-Yemen work with the wall`s structure and open virtual windows. Sounds and traditional Yemeni music can be experienced in many different locations in the square via loudspeakers, and result in a composition that organically inserts itself in the play of the interior with the exterior.

21.09.2007 - 03.10.2007, 22.00 - 24.00
Sana'a, Bab al-Yemen (Gate to Yemen)

On an invitation of the French and German embassies in Sana'a / Yemen ("The German-French Cultural Project 2007), under the patronage of the Yemeni minister of culture and the mayor of Sana'a.
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