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LieLow - intimate distance -

- intimate distance -

LOOK! I am hiding, becoming an object, absurd, my legs poking out at the end of this organic air costume, I become another. I am hiding, I am hiding but I just know they are looking at me. I can hear their voices, their breath, their laughter. I can hear the surprise but I can`t see it. I am still, and they move around me, a strange shape in the passage of everyday. (Alex Goodman)

When wearing the costume, I felt quite ambiguous. On the one hand I could barely see my surrounding and was very uncomfortable in the costume for the lack of space, especially as some children tried to burst some of the balloons. What I did spot on the other hand was that a lot of people noticed me and got excited about the costume. Especially small boys took a fancy on it and made me feel like a kind of super-hero, a sort of “balloon-man”. Others tried to get on a photo with me or showed interest by asking questions about the meaning of the costume. (Christian Sussner)

exhibition: May 2009 Dartington College of Arts