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Lotte goes liquid.
Lotte is not letting her nailing down on something or someone any longer. Now, Lotte is leaving when she wants to.
An unreachable love, some odd people, liquid times - that's enough to keep yourself open. Open for everything that could happen, always on guard not to be dependent on others.
Lotte is ready for recommencements.
Lotte has finally arrived.
Lotte is disposed to leave.

A theatrical installation inspired by Zygmunt Bauman's "Liquid Life"

by Eleonora Herder, Arne Köhler & Falk Rößler (direction, dramaturgy & soundscape); Lucia Carballal (dramaturgy & texts); Enric Naudi & Elena Vitarelli (stage design)

with Laura Lopez, Lluna Pindado, Anahi Setton, Albert Alemany, Joan Casas, Arne Köhler & Ramon Rojas.

facebook: Lotte Liquida

Kindly supported by Institut del Teatre Barcelona and Hessische Theaterakademie.