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LULU. To all our lovers. (Ein sitespezifischer Thriller nach Frank Wedekind)

"Look at me."
"What do you want to see?"
"Your eyes ... look into my eyes."
"I see myself in them. (Pause) I have to change my dress."
(Frank Wedekind)

Lulu is gone. No one has seen her for a while. Countess Geschwitz invites for dinner in her new appartment. A fancy old builing somewhere in Gießen. The guests are former, current and potentoial lovers from Lulu. A warm midsummer evening. A felicitous party: They dance, laugh, cry, corrupt, lie and menace. The fight for the last remaining views and for a place in a world, in which everyone only wants to be desired. It will - in the end - become erotic.

You were not invited to the party, but without you the whole thing makes no sense at all. You are allowed to look, if you want...

with: Maria-Isabel Hagen, Arne Köhler, Christoph Bovermann, Fabian Passarelli, Nick-Julian Lehmann & Falk Rößler

directors: Eleonora Herder & Falk Rößler
dramaturgy: Michaela Stolte
stage design: Sabine Born
music & sound design: Falk Rößler & Arne Köhler
production: Isabel Zinsmaier
technical support: Jost von Harleßem

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