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Rehearsal Stages

Please note that from March 2018 until approx. October 2019, the information below, due to a renovation including the moving to new facilities, are not up to date! In case of concrete questions regaring the facilities, please contact

The Institute of Applied Theatre Studies has two rehearsal stages. Both stages are black boxes with all the necessary technical equipment. They can be used both for teaching and the students’ own projects. For both festivals, the Theatermaschine and the Diskurs festival, the spaces are used by the Institute’s students and the visiting artists.

Heiner Goebbels, the professor responsible for the artistic practice at the Institute, and the guest professors rehearse with their students and show the results on these stages. The teachers assigned to teach the practical courses also make use of the stages. Further, students are welcomed to use the stages for their own independent work. They are qualified to use the light, sound and video equipment after having completed an introductory course to stage management.

Concerning the size of the stage: The first rehearsal stage is 300 square meter, its 12m in width, 22m long and 4,5m high. It can accommodate an audience of 100 people. With its 106 square meter, the second rehearsal stage is smaller, it is 10,25m wide, 10,35m long and 4,9m high and can accommodate up to 60 audience members.

Both rehearsal stages are equipped with state-of-the-art technical equipment. Both include a sound system with a mixer, microphones, P.A. and subwoofers, a lighting system with a control system, dimmers and spotlights and a video system including video projectors. The rehearsal stages including all the technical equipment are supervised by instructed students.

In addition to these two rehearsal stages, the Institute has access to more rehearsal spaces both at the Justus-Liebig-University and the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts.