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Sound and Video Studios

Please note that from March 2018 until approx. October 2019, the information below, due to a renovation including the moving to new facilities, are not up to date! In case of concrete questions regaring the facilities, please contact

Sound Studios
The sound studio comes with an editing suite, a recording studio and one further editing suite. Both work stations are equipped with Apple computers and numerous import and recording possibilities. In addition to microphones in the studio, students have access to field recorders for outdoor recording. Other import possibilities include minidisk, DAT, cassette, CD and vinyl.

Both work stations are equipped with a keyboard and e-piano, the computer software include sequencer and synthesizer: Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Max/Msp/Jitter, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Complete and numerous other Plugins, such as Waves, Audioease or Izotope.
Introductory and more advanced classes that teach students everything from sound design, recording, miking, amplifying to handling the sequencer also take place in the sound studios. The studios are also used for performance projects that are interested in audio dramas or make use of other audio formats.

Many different audio dramas, soundtracks and sound installations were single-handedly conceived of, recorded, merged and finished in the studios. Some of these found their way into the programs of radio stations, others received prices, for example, Looking for a small story by Melanie Mohren and Bernhard Herbordt that received the NRW Hörspielpreis, Apparat Herz by Daniel Wetzel that aired by the SFB Berlin, or Quiet in the valley of unrest by Steffen Popp.

Video Studios
The Institute comes with two video studios that include Apple computers and further hard- and software for video recording and editing: The hardware includes, amongst others, a HDV and DV player/recorder, DVD and VHS recorder/player, as well as Blueray player. For video recording, the students have access to four HD video cameras, many Camcorders (DV and HDV) and video DSLRs. In terms of the available software, the studios include Final Cut Studio, AdobePremiere Pro, After Effects, Adobe Creative Suite and ProTools.

The video studios are used for introductory classes teaching video editing and DVD software, for performance projects by guest professors interested in film and video and for student projects.