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Diskurs 2017 Open Call

DISKURS 17 - enter the pool OPEN CALL International festival for young art and science | 11. – 15. 10. 2017 | Institute for Applied Theatre Studies | Gießen

DISKURS 17 is a festival for young artists, scientists and theoreticians, organised by students of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen.

The 32nd edition of the international festival will take place from the 11th – 15th of October 2017: for five days, art science and theory will step into an interdisciplinary exchange with each other. enter the pool DISKURS 17 is a call to plunge: into works from all over the world, into a pool of interested artists, down to unknown depths.

DISKURS 17 wants to build a big basin in which every person can swim his or her own style. The festival will be co-created space, an island that is a port of call for swimmers and divers. A centre from which waves travel out and to which they crash back into. enter the pool!

We are looking for artistic and scientific works that deal with and discuss immersive structures and alternative forms of perception. We want to rethink the position of the audience, explore one’s own awareness and bring personal experiencing into focus. Come, be a part of the cluster and fill the basin with installations, performances, dances, speeches, durationals, readings, films, panel discussions, interdisciplinary works, lecture performances and works of fine art.


Along with a black box, a white cube and the university facilities, you can also use public spaces, shop windows, a park, an underwater monitoring station or a public swimming pool as performance venues. In consultation with you we are willing to look for further spaces. There will also be a basin constructed in the public space that can be a stage, a gathering place or discussion venue.


Please hand in the following application details to call@diskursfestival.de:

− A detailed description including technical requirements of a selected work / proposal / concept

− A budget proposal

− An informal CV

− A link for videos or further material of previous and/or current works if available

Please send all documents in one PDF file. The file size of the document should not exceed 2MB.

Deadline: 30th of June 2017

DISKURS 17 is organised by students and takes care of travel and transport expenses, accommodation and expense allowance.

Dive in, be suffused, break waves, swim to new territories, let yourself be absorbed into the swirl of DISKURS 17 - enter the pool!