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Jury Award of the „Hessische Theatertage 2017“ for three alumni of Applied Theatre Studies

At the “Hessische Theatertage 2017” at Staatstheater Darmstadt, two out of five Jury Awards have been given to pieces made by (or featuring) alumni of the Giessen study program Applied Theatre Studies at Justus-Liebig University. Another two pieces made by students and alumni of ATW were nominated for prices endowed with 1.500 and 4.000€.

The performance “Deine Welt” by HTA-alumni Meret Kiderlen and Kathrin Hylla has won one out of five Jury Awards at the annual Hessische Theatertage at Staatstheater Darmstadt. The price was awarded for the category “feeling” and is endowed with 1.500€. For the category “understanding”, the award, which is also endowed with 1.500€, was given to the live-audio-play “ready for boarding” by Brachland-Ensemble, Kassel, with performer Maria-Isabel Hagen. All three artists have been studying together at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen.

Since February 2015, six unaccompanied minor refugees from Eritrea and Afghanistan and four students from Marburg have been working together at Theatre-project “Meine Welt”. Based on events of everyday life and in examination of past experiences, dancing and cooking soup they got to know each other. This process is made visible be the piece “Deine Welt”. The piece has been produced independently at German Stage Service, Marburg.

In „ready for boarding“, three speakers using very little props set to music the US-senat’s examination report concerning the CIA-program for interrogation and internment, which has in part been rewritten into dialogue and thus has translated the 600-page-log text into vivid and nearly unfathomable situations. Not only does it visualize the CIA’s perfidiousness, but also the failing of bureaucratic control. Considering the terror attacks in Europe, the question how this danger is met today is raised: Will Europe’s governments be more sober-minded than the current candidates for the US-presidency, which demand the relaunch of the CIA-program?

Furthermore, in the category “hearing”, the piece “Post hoc ergo propter hoc” by Giessen heater scholars Gesa Bering and Stefan Dorn has been nominated. A Nomination in the category “feeling” was given to the production “Dieser Witz trägt einen Bart” by ATW-alumni Marion Schneider and Susanne Zaun. The Institute for Applied Theatre Studies congratulates all awardees and nominees and is thrilled about the successful presence of its graduates and numerous current students at the hessian festival.