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Awards for students in February 2018

Congratulations to students Caroline Creutzburg, Gianna Pargätzi and Ole Hübner!
Caroline Creutzburg has been awarded with Ponto Performance Preis 2018. "Mit insistierender Diskretion zieht Caroline Creutzburg in ihren Bühnenperformances die Trag- und Aussagefähigkeit von Selbst-Konstruktionen und darüber auch das Theater als gewinnversprechenden Ort der Selbst-Verständigung und -Konstitution in Zweifel." (statement of the jury).
Gianna Pargätzi is part of Bremen-based independent performance-collective CHICKS, which has been invited to Theatertreffen der Jugend in Berlin, a festival which is aiming to be a showcase and a provider of impulses for theatre work by and for teenagers.
Ole Hübner together with Adámek Ondrej has been awarded the 63rd Price for Composition, awarded by the city of Stuttgart, for his piece "Drei Menschen, im Hintergrund Hochhäuser und Palmen und links das Meer" (2016/17).