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Xavier Le Roy new professor at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies

French artist Dr. Xavier Le Roy obtains the W3-professorship Applied Theatre Studies with a focus on the practice of performing arts at Justus Liebig University Giessen, starting in May 2018. He thereby becomes successor of Heiner Goebbels, who since April is in possession of the Georg-Büchner-senior-professorship at JLU. For the position with focus on the practice of performing arts, 41 individuals and artistic teams applied.

Le Roy acquired his doctor’s degree in molecular biology at University of Montpellier and since 1991 works as an artist in between theatre, choreography and fine arts. His international break though came with his solo piece “Self Unfinished” (1998), which since has been shown worldwide. Le Roy works as a performer, choreographer and lecturer in the most diverse contexts: amongst others, we was Artist in Residence at Podewil (Berlin) from 1996 to 2003, Associated Artist at Associated Artist am Centre Chorégraphique National in Montpellier in 2007/08, Artist in Residence Fellow at MIT Program in Art Culture and Technology (Cambridge, MA) in 2010 and from 2013 to 2015 at Théâtre de la Cité Universitaire Internationale in Paris. With his pieces „Product of Circumstances“ (1999), „Giszelle“ (2001), „Le sacre du printemps“ (2007) and „low pieces“ (2011), he influenced a distinct language of the stage, which caused a great stir and intense discussions in theatre studies and dance studies. Besides his work in the field of choreography, he is working on different genres such as music theatre, e.g. in „Das Theater der Wiederholung“ (2003) and „Movements für Lachenmann“ (2005), but also other situations such as exhibitions, in „Rétrospective“ (2012) and „Temporary Title, 2015“, and the public space, in „Our Guided Tour“ (2013). In Germany, he most recently was represented with two major works, „Haben Sie ‚modern’ gesagt?“ (2017), which was developed in cooperation with Issho Ni Ensemble and Ensemble Modern for Frankfurt LAB, and commissioned piece „Still Untitled“ (2017) for Skulptur Projekte Münster, which was developed with Scarlet Yu.

Le Roy has a wide range of experiences with teaching: he was director of progam „ex.er.ce“ at C.C.N.Montpellier (2007, 2008), guest professor at Institute for Applied Theatre Studies Gießen (2004, 2011), Valeska-Gert guest professor for dance and performance at Institute for Theatre Studies at FU Berlin (2009, 2014) and since 2004 organized several workshops in the context of universities and festivals.