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Körber-Foundation awards
"Irgendwas für irgendwen an irgendeinem Tag im Juni"
Direction, Concept and Idea by Arthur Romanowski
Institut for Applied Theatre Studies, Gießen

Last Sunday, 10th of June, the stagepiece „Anything for Anyone, Anyday in June“ from Arthur Romanowski, who is a student at the Institut for Applied Theatre Studies in Gießen, was honored as laureate at the 15th Körber Sutdio for Young Directing.
Following the last show on Sunday evening the jury debated in a public discussion, moderated by Catarina Felixmüller, their decision at Thalia Theatre in Gaußstraße:
„Arthur Romanowski has set himself an extremly difficult task to do „anything for anyone, someday in June“ on stage. With great consitency and a sweeping joy of playing he is trying to solve this task. In doing so, he virtuosically switches between levels of embodiment and of meaning while he occasionally is leaving his audience irritated with relish.“

Körber-Foundation is rewarding the laureate for a following production at a City- or Statetheatre / alternatively for a production in the Free Theatre Scene with a grant worth 10.000 Euro.

All Institut of Applied Theatre Studies Gießen is overjoyed because of the destinction of Arthur Romanowski and his work, especially appreciating the fact that the Körber-Award is granted to a student from the Institut the second time in a row. Congratulations dear Arthur!

Fotos: Körber-Stiftung / Krafft Angerer