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Gießen Collective Dorn ° Berling wins young talent award at Viennese Theater Drachengasse

On Saturday, June 16th, former ATW students Gesa Bering and Stephan Dorn have been awarded both the Jury prize and the audience prize for their piece „Der Anti-Storch“ of the young talent prize competition at Theater Drachengasse in Vienna. The Jury, consisting of Esther Holland-Merten, Wolfgang Kralicek and Veronika Steinböck, reasoned their choice as follows:

„The collective has found a peculiar form, which skillfully oscillates between performative and theatrical elements. One could declare the „Anti-Storch“ an Anti-Fable. Ostensibly the piece is concerned with the history of the waldrapp, an extinct bird species. In this context, uncomfortable questions which far exceed the extinction of species are being raised. The unsightly waldrapp is established as heralidc animal of a society which prioritizes a good image and outward appearance, of a world which holds the underdogs solely responsible for their own failure. Without any moral patronising, Gesa Bering and Stephan Dorn are posing these questions, they never hold up a mirror to the audience. However, the performance leaves no doubt that this world has bats in the belfry – or, as you say in German, 'dass unsere Welt einen Vogel hat'.“

The Department of Culture of the City of Vienna and the theatre Drachengasse are granting the winners with 10.000€ for the development of the project in the following season.

The audience award includes prize money of 1.000€ and was also granted to the collective Dorn ° Bering.

Picture: Andreas Friess