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Welcome to the homepage of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies. Unfortunately, not every page of the website is available in English. If you are looking for information you cannot find in English, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions!

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Winter Semester 2018/19

The Institut for Applied Theatre Studies is happy to welcome every new and old student to the Winter Semester 2018/19. For study beginners the semester will start with the orientation week on the 8th of October: students from higher semesters are giving information concerning the studies and student life in genereal and are answering questions. All the freshmen and freshwoman will receive the detailed program of the orientation week via e-mail.

However the seminars, practial courses and scenic projects (https://studip.uni-giessen.de/studip/evv/extern.php check FB05) will start one week later on the 15th of October and we are happy to have Nadia Ismail, Margarita Tsomou, Saša Asentić, Sebastian Blasius, Hannes Kühn and Jörg Wagner as guest teachers present this semester. The guest professorship will be held by the performance collective Showcase Beat Le Mot.

Turthermore we are pleased to announce the festival DISKURS2018 (http://diskursfestival.de/), which is organized by students from the institut and has a history of 30 years, now. In keeping with the motto NO SERVICE the festival will deal in this years edition with the question of solidarity within artistic working processes. There will be workshops, discussion-groups, presentations and othere formats linking and questioning theory and practice.

On the 20th of October students of the Hessische Theateracademie will present a spectrum of their artistic work at the HTA-Tag, which will take place in Frankfurt LAB (https://www.hessische-theaterakademie.de) from 4 pm to 10 pm. The Institut of Applied Theatre Studies will be represented with different formats and works.

We hope for an exciting semester start and a good Winter Semester 2018/19 for everyone!