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For recent updates and infos on the application process, please visit https://www.uni-giessen.de/fbz/fb05/atw (English page will be launched in the next days).

Winter semester 2019/2020

The Institute reports back after the summer break and warmly welcomes the new students in the introduction week, which will occur from 07th to 11th October this year. This is the perfect opportunity for first-year students to get to know the Institute before the seminars start. For every student there will be exciting seminars this term, among others by guest professors such as Uta Plate (“Meine Großmutter, dir Politik und ich”, in cooperation with the Institute for Sociology) and Gob Squad (“Show Me a Good Time (in This Time)”), as well as external assistant professors such as Lina Zehelein (“Theater für junges Publikum”) and Claire Vivianne Sobottke (“With a Strage Voice”). Most seminars, practical courses, and lectures (https://studip.uni-giessen.de/evv/extern.php unter FB 05) will start this year on 21st October.

Over the entire summer a lot of work has been done on the construction sites of the new ATW-building and we all look forward to put at work the new rehearsal spaces in both the former “Strahlenzentrum” of the JLU Gießen and in the Institute’s new stage building downtown. The starting operations will be accompanied by practical courses giving students the technical knowledge to work in these spaces, and by Xavier Le Roy’s Szenisches Projekt “Working Conditions: The New Building”. In a further seminar, Phd. Eva Holling and Bernhard Siebert together with students of the institute will be "Planning an opening. Preparatory seminar for an international scholarly convention". The converntion will be part of the opening of the new stage building and will take place in April.

Researches will be carried on furthermore in the DFG projects “Nachwuchsfestivals” under direction of Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund and participation of Benjamin Hoesch, M.A., and “Choreo-Power” under direction of Phd. Gerko Egert . Beginning this semester, the DFG research project “minor aesthetics – zur Selbsrepräsentation von Roma in der darstellenden Kunst” directed by Phd. Lorenz Aggermann.

Prof. Gerald Siegmung and Benjamin Hoesch will participate on the annual conference of the DFG research group “Krisengefüge der Künste Institutionelle Transformationsdynamiken in den darstellensden Künsten der Gegenwart” with their subproject “Nachwuchsfestivals”; the conference will occur on 28th and 29th in Munich dealing with cultural and political dynamics in performing arts and its processes of legitimation, controlling, and negotiation.

Moreover, we would like to communicate that Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund assumes once again the managing direction of the Institute.

The Institute wish everyone a good start into the new semester!