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Welcome to the homepage of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies. Unfortunately, not every page of the website is available in English. If you are looking for information you cannot find in English, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions!

For information about our events and presentations please see Events > Programme.

IT Incident at the JLU:
Information about Application Procedure 2020 - Start 10.01.20

Due to an IT security incident the JLU is since 08th December 2019 offline and also the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies have been affected. Those in charge say it can take some weeks until all domains have been scanned and if necessary cleaned up from viruses in order to operate again.

So that the Application Procedure for the Winter semester 20/21 may occur the institut is temporarily hosting a simplified version of this homepage on another server and is trying its best to make the process as simple and transparent as possible. Since, nonetheless, some legal questions related to this process still need to be clarified we ask the interested people to wait till 8th January 2020. The institut will then present how the registration for this year’s application procedure will work.

Explanations about the application procedure steps can be checked here: https://www.atw-giessen.de/en/studies/ba-and-ma-program-atw/admissiontest_atw & https://www.atw-giessen.de/en/studies/ma-program-cup/admissiontest_cup.

Apart from deviations in the registration process the institut is confident that other steps in the application procedure will work as described. An overview on all dates of the application procedures is available here: https://www.atw-giessen.de/en/studies/dates-deadlines.

Apart from that, potential candidates can find general descriptions of the study programs here: https://www.atw-giessen.de/en/studies/ba-and-ma-program-atw/ba_atw & https://www.atw-giessen.de/en/studies/ba-and-ma-program-atw/ma_atw & https://www.atw-giessen.de/en/studies/ma-program-cup/ma_cup.

Fortunately, the institut is already contactable per E-Mail, except the Hiwi account. We are also reachable per telephone on 0641/99 – 31221 or 31238 and (sporadically during Vacations) on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ATWjlu.

Information about the IT security incident at the JLU Giessen we can find here: https://www.uni-giessen.de/nachrichten.html & https://twitter.com/jlugiessen with the #JLUoffline.