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Welcome to the homepage of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies. Unfortunately, not every page of the website is available in English. If you are looking for information you cannot find in English, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions!

For information about our events and presentations please see Events > Programme.

Start of the application process for the Winter Semester 2020/21

Everyone who is interested in studying one of the study programs of this institut can apply from today on, 13th January 2020, following the instructions on our homepage. An online registration for BA ATW, MA ATW and MA CUP is not necessary this year, due to the IT-incidence at the University in December 2019. Applicants simply have to download, fill out, print and add the Registration-Document to their portfolios which they have to send to the institut.
You can find the Registration-Document in the download section to the right.
For futher inforamtion regarding for example the deadlines of the portfolios please check for BA and MA ATW here and for the MA CUP here.

Internal Applicants fill out the document aswell and have to hand it to the institut during the deadlines. They can either bring it to the sekretariat, to Eva Holling, or Martina Ruhsam.

For those who have already passed the admission tests (max. two years ago) and have postponed the beginning of their studies are also requested to register if they want to start studying in 2020. To do so they also have to fill out the registration sheet and mark in the last segment 'already applied' 'already accepted in XXX' with adding the acceptance date. Pleas send in your registartion via mail until the portfolio deadlines.