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Welcome to the homepage of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies. Unfortunately, not every page of the website is available in English. If you are looking for information you cannot find in English, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions!

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Notes on the digital summer term 2020 at the ATW department

This year’s summer semester will be digital and experimental! Since April 20, 2020, classes with various online formats have started at the institute, for now without classroom teaching. An overview of the seminars which were able to be transformed in such a format can be found in the download section as a timetable. The department’s students will find further and more detailed information regarding the different seminars via eVV, via stud.IP and via internal emails. In this semester, it will be crucial for the students to properly subscribe to the classes they are interested in, so that they can be informed by their teachers about the progression of the meetings of the seminars.

Furthermore, the podcast website and digital radio station Wilsonstrasse.FM has been put online by dedicated students to explore what a university’s department can be like during times of social distancing. In the section Wilsonstrasse.THEORIE, students can for example take part in seminar sessions which will be available live and as podcasts. With different broadcasts, lectures, talk shows and video essays this digital space will be a central meeting place for this semester, and it will also be the anchoring site for courses such as Propädeutikum on Wednesday mornings. On the homepage of Wilsonstrasse.FM it is announced that an editorial meeting takes place once a week, on Monday, from 7.00 to 8.00 p.m., in which the program for the coming week is discussed. Students who want to be informed about the program or want to partake are invited to subscribe to Wilsonstrasse.FM’s Newsletter or get in contact with the creators Antonia Beeskow and Lorenz Raschke to shape this space together.