Justus-Liebig-Universität GießenInstitut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft

Desiring Powerlessness and Radical Change.

Technologies of Power, Affect, and Judgement in the Dispositifs of Art and Theatre.

International Conference organised by the DFG-funded Research Project "Theatre as Dispositif", Institut für Angewandte Theaterwissenschaft, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen

Prof. Dr. Gerald Siegmund, Dr. Lorenz Aggermann, Georg Döcker, M.A.

April 12-14, 2018, Giessen, Germany

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Location: Margarete-Bieber-Saal, Ludwigstr. 34, 35390 Giessen

Day 1, Thursday, April 12

14.00h: Reception

14.30h: Introduction "Desiring Powerlessness and Radical Change"
Gerald Siegmund, Lorenz Aggermann, Georg Döcker

15.30h: Keynote 1 "The Non-Performativity of Protest Politics and the Erotics of Resistance"
Nikita Dhawan

16.30h: Coffee Break

Panel 1 "Power and Powerlessness in Art and Politics"

16.45h: "Activism and Transition"
Lev Kreft

17.30h: "You have the Artists too. Power of Political Self-Instrumentalisation in Arts"
Igor Stokfiszewski

18.15h: "Plastic Animals in Praxes of Metamorphosis"
Eve Katsouraki

19.00h: "Illusion as Dispositif. Play, Media, and Theatricality in Contemporary Politics"
Sebastián Calderón Bentin

Day 2, Friday, April 13

Panel 2 "Speaking Truth and Suspending the Power of Judgement"

09.30h: "Knowledge, Power, and Self-Relation in Late Foucault"
Stefan Hölscher

10.15h: "Towards an Aestheticisation of Judgement. The Power(lessness) of Milo Rau's Theatrical Tribunals"
Benjamin Wihstutz

11.00h: "Beyond the phantasm of unconditionality. On the illusion of powerlessness and emancipatory possibilities of theatre in Milo Rau and René Pollesch"
Andreas Tobler

11.45h: Coffee Break

12.00h: Keynote 2 "From the Art of Powerlessness to Strategies of Radical Change?"
Eric Alliez

13.00h: Lunch

Panel 3 "Biopower, Logistics, and Cybernetics in Theatre, Dance, and the Social"

14.00h: "Choreography Pornography Governance"
André Lepecki

14.45h: "Logistics, Dance, and Techniques of Choreo-Power"
Gerko Egert

15.30h: "Cutting in the Middle-Men. Cybernetic Conditions and the Thinking of the Chorus"
Sebastian Kirsch

16.15h: Coffee Break

Panel 4 "Performance, Social Change, and Precariousness in Neoliberalism"

16.30h: "Winning While Losing. Paradoxes of the (Artistic) Neoliberal Subject"
Rudi Laermans

17.15h: "Towards a Domestics of Performance"
Giulia Palladini

18.00h: "Who is enjoying poverty? A Critical Passage Through Renzo Martens' Institute of Human Activities"
Kati Röttger and Alexander Jackob

18.45h: Coffee Break

19.00h: Keynote 3 "Precarisation and (Queer) Debts"
Isabell Lorey

Day 3, Saturday, April 14

Panel 5 "Negativity and Change in Processes of Subjectification"

9.30h: "Complexity of Power in the Ludic Stance"
Alice Koubova

10.15h: "Des/Orientation as it Happens"
Katharina Kleinschmidt & Lea Spahn

11.00h: Coffee Break

Panel 6 "Affects of Powerlessness and Change: Performance and Modes of Negativity"

11.15h: "Wounds of the Eroded Image: Hopelessness and the Problem of a Beautiful End in the Work of Kris Verdonck"
Peter Eckersall

12.00h: "An Undecidable Collective Body"
Silvia Bottiroli

12.45h: "What About Idleness? Theatrical Modes of Undoing and the Morality of Inactivity"
Anika Marschall

13.30h: Lunch

14.30h: Closing Discussion

16.00h: fin