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Admission requirements

For all three programs (BA/MA ATW and CUP) admission is restricted. Admission is conducted on an annual basis for the winter term, after the student‘s artistic skills and critical and analytical thinking have been evaluated.

The admissions process for the BA Applied Theatre Studies consists of three components: 1) submission of a portfolio consisting of two to three realized artistic works or concepts 2) a written examination and 3) an oral examination.

The admission test for the MA Applied Theatre Studies and the MA Choreography and Perormance consists of only two steps, 1) submission of a portfolio consisting of two to three realized artistic works and 2) an oral examination, which in the case of the Master Choreography and Performance includes the presentation of a work.

The annually updated deadlines and dates for the admission test will be published here.

Each year, the Institute admits 20-25 students to the Bachelor program, 15-20 students to the MA Applied Theatre Studies and 5-10 students to the MA Choreography and Performance. The restriction of admission to highly motivated students allows for individual support, especially in regards to the students’ artistic projects, but also in their academic learning. In the performance projects and practical courses,work is conducted in small groups, in which the teachers and students will seek to collectively explore new ways of learning, teaching and conducting research.

More information about the admission procedure can be found under BA and MA Program ATW > Admission Test and MA program CuP > Admission Test.

You can register here for CUP and here for BA and MA ATW (German).