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The „Fachschaftsrat“ Applied Theatre Studies (FSR) represents the student’s interests at the Conference of all Fachschaften and to the university’s General Student’s Committee (AStA). The Fachschaftsrat is elected annually. Meetings are appointed inordinate and according to necessity. If there are any questions or problems concerning your studies or you need support for a student’s initiative, please don’t hesitate to contact the FSR at any time.

The elected Fachschaftsräte for the year of 2019/20 are:

Sharon jamila hutchinson, Chiara Marcassa, Levin Eichert, Marie Meyer, Paula Regine Erbe

E-Mail: fachschaft.atw@googlemail.com

Further information about the Conference of all Fachschaften (Fachschaftskonferenz), you find here.