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Study Abroad

Students from the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies can complete part of their degree at partner universities via the University of Giessen's ERASMUS/SOCRATES-Programme. The achievements abroad can generally be added to the student's studies here in Germany.

To find out where you can go as part of the Erasmus program, refer to the section "Cooperation" -->Erasmus.

Additionally, the Justus Liebig University is in communication with twenty universities abroad (Partnerschaften). There are also free places for an exchange semester for applicants of the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies.

Those interested in an Erasmus place, awarded by the Institute should contact Philipp Schulte by 1st December of that year.

The ECTS credits for courses which our guest students have completed at the Institute of Applied Theatre Studies are as follows:

Propädeutikum: 3.5
Seminars: 6
Scenic Projects: 8
Practical courses: 8

Please refer to this point system in your learning agreement.